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Vintage Floral Diamond Halo Ring – 11 Review:

Vintage Floral Halo — Brimming with floral aesthetics over a white gold canvas this vintage design is made with careful attention to detail and masterclass craftsmanship. Pave-set accent diamonds and milgrain etched borders encircle a dazzling one carat moissanite gemstone. Blooming pillars carry the orbiting halo center setting while four prongs carry the centermost stone. Diamonds wrap halfway around the surface of the ring in recessed pave-settings for a flush smooth surface paired with micro milgrain edging for a frost of shimmering excellence. The 1ct moissanite center-stone is a lab created stone carrying gemstone properties of the highest caliber. Its high refraction quality and sharp clear facets offers a colorful spectacle of light as it twinkles under the sun. The 36 diamonds accenting this ring are all naturally grown and conflict free giving you a touch of traditional rarity. Solid 14-karat white gold creates the base of this ring in a high polish finish. The durable metal and smart design protects every stone with great care.