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Cheap Ribbed Bezel Diamond Band 10k Yellow Gold – 5


Ribbed Bezel Diamond Band 10k Yellow Gold – 5 Review:

Twelve round bezel-set diamonds flourish across a ravine of solid yellow gold on this fashionable fine jewelry womens band. The high quality materials and craftsmanship makes this the perfect diamond wedding band whereas the stylish and eye catching design makes it a trendy accessory. However you choose to wear this ring whether with an engagement ring stacked to another fashionable wonder or solo as a minimalist wardrobe accent you will be glad to have this twinkling upon your finger. The beaded texture provides a comfortable grip and makes for a delightful pattern to run your fingers across in times of boredom. This ring is refinement with playfulness and stylish in modesty all in one place. Every stone is a real earth mined diamond and is conflict free by acquisition. The solid gold is 10-karats in purity and is finished with a high polish. The width of the ring along the bezels is 2.5 mm wide.Top 2.5 mm wide. Bottom 1.4 mm wide. The ring in the photos is a size 5 from our live inventory. It was not warped in any way for shape or dimensions.