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Coupons Old Mine Cut Diamond Band – 7.5


Old Mine Cut Diamond Band – 7.5 Review:

Old Mine Cut Diamond Vintage Filigree Indented Concave Wide Ring 1 7/8 CTW in Platinum (Certified)A cluster of old mined cut diamonds congregates to the prongs studded surface of this wide platinum ring. A concave indent is present on each side with intricate filigree designs in vintage style fashion. The profile of the ring is decorated with fancy patterns and rounded curves that form to the dimensions of the central diamonds. Smaller diamonds decorate each face of this ring for a regal appearance at every angle. Inside the ring is a hollowed gallery underneath the top feature. The hollow ensures the ring is not too heavy on the finger as platinum is a more weighty metal in comparison to its gold metal counterpart. This careful design is a great exhibition to the master craftsmanship behind the Kobelli brand. The ring was made as a one-of-a-kind piece so sizing is limited to for the integrity of the ring. Suitable as a statement ring wedding band or a milestone anniversary ring this ring will receive compliments anywhere you take it.All diamonds are conflict-free and naturally earth mined.