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Best Lab Grown Diamond Band – 61766 Series – white-gold 8.0


Lab Grown Diamond Band – 61766 Series – white-gold 8.0 Review:

Kobelli Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Band 14k Gold – 61766 Series Matches to the following rings (available in white yellow and rose gold):Forever One Moissanite Lab Grown DiamondsMZFO61766-ELGKobelli MoissaniteLab Grown DiamondsMZ61766-ELGNot only are our lab grown diamonds absolutely stunning in both value and quality they are as real as any natural grown diamond. Whats included in the package? Your beautiful wedding band a ring box and a warranty card. The Kobelli warranty card serves to remind you that any Kobelli jewelry you own is guaranteed for quality and will be accepted for any future services you may need so long as the product has not been tampered with by outside jewelers or is otherwise drastically damaged. Every ring is checked for quality every step of the way and is packed carefully into a gift-ready ring box. Genuine PhotosAll photos on Kobelli products are taken in-house with real stock and authentic carat weights. The ring in the photos including the model shot is a size 5.5