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Promos Emerald Double Halo Diamond Cluster Ring – 11.0


Emerald Double Halo Diamond Cluster Ring – 11.0 Review:

An emerald-cut moissanite is held with an x-prong trellis setting over fourteen-karat gold and pave-set side diamonds. The diamonds are all genuine stones harvested from the earth from conflict-free sources. The center moissanite gemstone is a lab-created perfected stone made to uphold the strength of a diamond while sparkling even greater than one with its famed fire power. The moissanite selected here is of colorless DEF color grade meaning it carries absolute bright white undertones for a more glamorous look. The bands on this pair of rings are decorated with vintage style milgrain edges which instantly enhances the dazzling diamonds with a dynamic of textures and a captivating appearance fit for royalty. The smart design of this wedding set features a square shank known as a European shank to help keep the rings from spinning off center as you wear it.Forever One Colorless (DEF)Natural grown earth-mined diamonds