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Reviews Cushion 11×11 Gemstone & Diamond Multirow Ring (Citrine Amethyst Quartz or Topaz) – 5.0 Purple Amethyst


Cushion 11×11 Gemstone & Diamond Multirow Ring (Citrine Amethyst Quartz or Topaz) – 5.0 Purple Amethyst Review:

An 11×11 cushion-cut gemstone is prong set with a classic peg head over this wide multi-row diamond and milgrain ring. The channels of diamonds run between rows of double-line milgrain beading and across the profile edge. The multi dimensional design brings brilliance and beauty from every way you look at it. Split prongs grip the raised center gemstone securely for peace of mind. Ideal as a bold engagement ring or as an anniversary ring this delightful bauble adds excitement and glamour to any occasion.Choose fromPurple Amethyst & Diamond 6 CTWGreen Quartz & Diamond 5 3/4 CTWBlue Topaz & Diamond 7 1/5 CTWLavender Amethyst & Diamond 6 CTWLemon Quartz & Diamond 6 1/2 CTWOrange Citrine & Diamond 6 2/5 CTWPurple and Lavender Amethyst carries the power of wisdom. It grants higher cognition.An 11x11mm amethyst weighs approx. 4.75 carats. Green Quartz also known as green amethyst or prasiolite ties the soul to the mind heart and spirit for divine insightfulness. The stone is useful for meditation connecting all chakras.An 11x11mm green quartz weighs approx. 4.5 carats. Blue Topaz insights clairvoyance and spiritual healing for meditation and calming the soul.An 11x11mm blue topaz weighs approx. 6 carats. Lemon Quartz is the stone of optimism and good fortune. The uplifting qualities helps you keep focused on your goals.An 11x11mm lemon quartz weighs approx. 5.25 carats. Orange Citrine activates both imagination and action. Similar to lemon quartz the warm and comforting stone creates energy and livens the soul to approach any task with ease.An 11x11mm citrine weighs approx. 5.2 carats.