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Top 3-3/4 CTW Black Diamond Halo – white-gold 11


3-3/4 CTW Black Diamond Halo – white-gold 11 Review:

Are lab-grown diamonds the way to go? Of course! Not only are lab-grown diamonds absolutely stunning in both value and quality but they are also as real as any naturally grown diamond. Brilliant facets dance across these breathtaking diamonds on this delectable pair of earrings. The stones are mounted to martini studs with fixtures of friction back posts. The diamonds are primed by the lab creation process protecting the growth of these magnificent wonders from any outside interference to result in the best possible outcomes. The diamonds on this pair are graded at a highly remarkable EF color that comes in both SI1-SI2 and VS1-VS2 clarity. Accompanying this purchase is an IGI certificate to validate the authenticity and quality of your precious new rocks. Carat Total WeightCarat (each stone)ColorAvailable Clarity1ct TDW0.50 CTEFSI VS3/4ct TDW 0.40 CTEFSI VS1/2ct TDW0.25 CTEFSI VS1/3ct TDW0.15 CTEFVS